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Children have dreams, but we discourage them by telling them they must wait—to first finish elementary, middle, and high school, then college and graduate school—and then, after nearly 20 years, they can live their dreams.

Find A Tree shows children how to take action today. This focus on action now engages, motivates, and produces immediate academic results.

The Find A Tree youth workbook, Live Your Dreams Now: Read About It! Write About It! And Do Something! shows children how to get started on their dreams today!


Daniel Armstrong Motivates 6th Grade Students to Find their Passion

In his speech at Chadwick Village School during their 6th grade promotional ceremonies, Daniel Armstrong from Find A Tree reveals how students can take action in elementary, middle, and high school to change their lives forever. In this powerful video, Daniel tells how young people can realize their dreams to move forward to greatness, not just live in mediocrity. Based on his book, How to Live Your Dreams: Find a Tree and Get Started, Daniel's Find A Tree educational program has been recognized for changing the lives of youth across many levels—from incarcerated gang members to students in exclusive private schools, such as Chadwick. Daniel teaches them to identify talents and passions and take the necessary steps toward achieving their dreams.

Live Your Dreams Now: Read About It! Write About It! And Do Something!


Live Your Dreams Now

Read About It! Write About It! And Do Something!

Daniel Armstrong’s Live Your Dreams Now: Read About It! Write About It! And Do Something! helps students discover a pathway to their dreams, and to be excited about doing so. This workbook is practical and engaging, with real-life stories and useful solutions that supports students aged 6-14 years old to develop their dreams and begin to pursue them immediately. “Dreams start now” is Daniel’s message and this workbook shows young people how to get started. This workbook creates intrinsic motivation within youth that will last a lifetime. Armstrong delivers a fresh insight and inspires students to find their dreams so they can create a better world.

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Once, while working with a group of high school students in Los Angeles, I asked them to list their talents, interests, and dreams. Then I asked them to share their list with their classmates. The students were terrified. Only after I suggested that we turn out the lights and that the students put their heads down were they willing to share their lists with one another.

A few weeks later, I did the same exercise with a class of fifth-graders at First Street Elementary School. The elementary students were excited about standing in front of the class and sharing their dreams. I was amazed. I told them that many students at the nearby high school were embarrassed to share their dreams with their classmates. The fifth-graders were confused. Then one student raised his hand and asked, “Mister, have they given up on their dreams?” I said, “Maybe they have.”

In response, the elementary students wrote the following letter challenging the high school students to go after their dreams.


Gabriel Hochberg
Dallas, Texas

Daniel Armstrong and Gabriel Hochberg


My dream is for trees to be planted everywhere so we can keep the earth from getting so hot. Also, all the animals and birds that have homes in trees will have a nice place to live.

Gabriel Hochberg


My dad and I are teaching children about global warming, how the ice is melting, and why trees are so important. Through schools, we are giving baby trees to kids to plant with their parents at home.


  1. Look Within: Identify What You Enjoy Doing
  2. What’s Your Dream? Imagine Your Future…It All Begins with a Dream
  3. Explore Life: Try New Activities and Explore New Interests
  4. Learn About Your Dream: Read About It
  5. Depend Upon Yourself: Accept Responsibility for Making Your Dream Come True
  6. Mistakes Happen: Learn from Them
  7. Earn the Trust of Others: Keep Your Word
  8. Face the Challenge: Don’t Quit
  9. Think Positively: Focus on the Goal, Not the Obstacle
  10. Help Others: Make the World a Better Place
  11. Value People: Treat All People with Respect
  12. Make a Plan: Write Down What You Are Going to Do Today, Tomorrow, and Next Week
  13. Produce Excellence: Do Your Best…And Then a Little More
  14. Big Dreams Start Small: Take Action—Today!
  15. Be Creative: Find Solutions
  16. Believe In Yourself: Think, “Yes I Can”
  17. Be a Leader: Be an Example
  18. Start a Business: Make Something, Do Something, Sell Something
  19. It’s Not a Birthday Party: Knowledge + Action = Your Dream