What Find A Tree and Daniel Can Do For You

Daniel Armstrong’s Find A Tree program was developed with the mission of being a catalyst in the lives of youth and adults alike through motivational speaking, empowerment workshops, professional development training, expert coaching, literature, and more.

Motivate students to excel in school and want to learn by linking academics with their dream. The Find A Tree program will support teachers with strategies to inspire their students and connect academic subjects with students' interests and dreams.

  • Student Motivational Assemblies
  • Teacher Professional Development Training
  • Parent Workshops
  • Consulting and Dream Coaching


How to Live Your Dreams

Inspire your students to overcome all obstacles and reach their goals and dreams. Daniel Armstrong combines humor with practical steps that students can use to live their dreams.


How to Motivate Students to Achieve

“A teacher must first gain their students’ love and trust.”

—John Wooden
Legendary Former UCLA Basketball Coach

Teachers will know how to motivate students to want to learn by linking their dream to their academic classes. Teachers will learn strategies to connect with their students and how to transform and engage students.

"Managing a classroom through intimidation may succeed in keeping students quiet and busy. However, that approach will not instill motivation in students. It will not instill in them a true desire to learn. Students will submit out of fear of negative consequences, but the moment this teacher is no longer looking, chaos will reign. The challenge is for teachers to inspire their students to take ownership of their education."

From Daniel Armstrong’s training guide, Unlock Students’ Potential


How to Help Your Child Succeed

Parents will know how to support their child’s dream and encourage academic achievement. Parents will learn how to get their child started on their dream immediately with age appropriate projects.


Find A Tree can help inspire teachers, parents, staff, administrators, and students to engage and achieve. Daniel can work with individuals, small groups, and/or on a school-wide program.