The Youth Workbook

READ About It! WRITE About It!
And DO Something!

Live Your Dreams Now is an inspiring youth workbook written by renowned dream coach, Daniel Armstrong. It combines vivid anecdotes and practical exercises to create an interactive journey, wherein readers 6 to 14 years old learn valuable lessons in resilience, perseverance, self-reliance, and resourcefulness.

Live Your Dreams Now is based on the proven fundamentals of Armstrong’s Find A Tree empowerment program and the foundational questions: “What is your dream? …And what are you doing about it?” This workbook helps youth become introspective, confident, proactive, and forward-thinking.

Live Your Dreams Now asks engaging questions in a clear and direct format, making the key points as easy to comprehend as they are to apply into children’s daily lives. With positive reinforcement from front to back and strategic challenges in every chapter, the takeaways are in the results they manifest. Now the only thing left is to help your children or students live their dreams now!