Unlock Students' Potential

The Blueprint for Motivating Students to Achieve

Daniel Armstrong shares the systematic approach of his internationally acclaimed Find A Tree empowerment program to provide educators and parents with a formula for motivating and mentoring youth of all ages to pursue their dreams.

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Practical
  • Proven
  • Interactive
  • Universal

The booklet showcases how Daniel Armstrong has impacted the lives of thousands of students across the United States, with step-by-step lessons that influencers can apply within the classroom, at home, or in team dynamics – inspiring students to set, pursue, and accomplish their goals.

Unlock Students’ Potential is for:

  • Parents Who Want to Help Their Children Live Their Dreams
  • Teachers Who Are Champions of Change
  • Guidance Counselors Seeking New Motivation Techniques
  • Mentors Committed to Learning How to Be More Influential
  • Coaches Dedicated to Instilling the Mindset of a Champion